Se tiene 2 metros de tela y se corta el 85% para hacer cortinas el 50% del resto para hacer las tiras que la sujetan.¿cuantos sentimetros de tela quedaron?

Accepted Solution

For this case we have the following statement:"You have 2 meters of fabric and you cut 85% to make curtains, 50% of the rest to make the strips that hold it. How many centimeters of fabric were left?"So, we have:2 meters ---------> 100%x ----------------------> 85%Where "x" represents the amount of fabric meters equivalent to 85%.[tex]x = \frac {85 * 2} {100}\\x = 1.7[/tex]Thus, 1.7 meters of fabric were used to make curtains.There are 0.3 meters of fabric left, of which half (50%) is used to make the strips that hold the curtain. That is to say:[tex]\frac {0.3} {2} = 0.15m[/tex]Thus, 0.15 meters of fabric remain.[tex]0.15 m * \frac {100 cm} {1 m} = 15\ centimeters.[/tex]Thus, 15 cm of fabric remainAnswer;15 cm